Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

  • Aluminium Forged construction with rubber braid band
  • Corrosion resistant graphite body construction.
  • 4+1 Ball Bearings with sealed drag system
  • Triple Built Howald process blank construction
  • Inter-core laminate with rigid wrap structure
  • Fuji New Concept guides with Aluminium Oxide inserts
  • Fuji DPS & TCS reel seats
  • Comfortable tapered grips

FROM RRP. $179.99

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The Ugly Stik Bigwater combo is built for durabilty and reliability. Featuring a corrosion resistant graphite body reel with an aluminium forged spool which is braid ready. The Ugly Stik Howald process featuring Triple Built construction around an internal fiberglass core. Parallel fibers infused with pigmented polyester resin creates a strong yet sensitive rod with better balance that is virtually indestructible. Fuji new concept guides with aluminium oxide inserts with Fuji reel seats are used throughout the range.


Material DescriptionMaterialFishing TypeCapacity yd/lbReel Handle PositionAnti-Reverse FeatureGear RatioBearing CountReel Spool MaterialReel SizeRod ActionLine RatingRod LengthNumber of PiecesBlank MaterialHandle MaterialGuide TypeRRP
USBGW-SP 702L 2-4kg 30SZ CBO1553286Spinning150/10Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse5.2:14+1Aluminium30Light2-4kg7'2Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$179.99
USBGW-SP 662ML 3-6kg 40SZ CBO1553287Spinning200/12Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse5.2:14+1Aluminium40Medium Light3-6kg6'6"2Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$179.99
USBGW-SP 601M 6-10kg 40SZ CBO1553288Spinning200/12Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse5.2:14+1Aluminium40Medium6-10kg6'1Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$179.99
USBGW-SP 601MH 8-15kg 60SZ CBO1557566Spinning300/14Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.9:14+1Aluminium60Medium Heavy8-15kg6'1Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$199.99
USBGW-SP 561XH 24kg (PE5) 80SZ CBO1553289Spinning330/20Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.9:14+1Aluminium80Extra Heavy24kg5'6"1Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$249.99
USBGW-SP 702GPM 6-10kg 60SZ CBO1553290Spinning300/14Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.9:14+1Aluminium60Medium6-10kg7'2Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$199.99
USBGW-SP 802M 6-10kg 60SZ CBO1553291Spinning300/14Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.9:14+1Aluminium60Medium 6-10kg8'2Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$199.99
USBGW-SP 1202GPH 8-12kg 80SZ CBO1553292Spinning330/20Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.9:14+1Aluminium80Heavy8-12kg12'2Glass Graphite GlassEVAFuji Stainless Steel$249.99


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