Possibly one of the most popular places to fish in history is from a jetty, rock wall or pier. Easy to access and generally leading to deep water, these places are renowned for being good fishing spots because they offer access to food and cover for fish.

Safe and dependable fishing platforms, these human-made structures are widely distributed around the country and can be excellent fishing night and day.

Everything from squid to tuna can be caught from one of these structures depending on where you are. Fishing from the end will usually offer the deepest water option and some of the largest predators. Although, contrary to what you might see from other anglers at your local jetty – you don’t have to cast a country mile out to sea, with the best fishing often found around the baitfish holding structure at your feet.

Usually long-standing, these places home a fantastic amount of food and protection from the adverse elements and make a reliable fishing destination. Bottom fishing with bait is popular as is fishing live baits under floats – as the jutting out nature of a long pier or break wall leads to deep water and passing currents that can carry live baits under floats out to waiting fish.

All manner of fish sizes is present from these fishing areas, and they make great training grounds for kids and adults alike that have just taken up fishing as a sport or recreation. From tiny hooks with peeled prawn tails as bait to casting 20cm long soft baits, the available fishing opportunities that exist on rock walls, piers and jetties are impressive!

The nature of these destinations and the relative ease of access make them popular for anglers and fisheries officers. Make sure you check your local rules and regulation before fishing.

We find the best rig to use is a simple running sinker rig with fresh local bait or a soft plastic lure rigged on a jig head for those who like to actively cast to find fish. Rods from 5-8’ are needed, try an Ugly Stik Carbon for flicking lures, or an Ugly Stik Gold for soaking a bait. Don’t forget a long-handled net or gaff to secure your catch!


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