Ugly Stik Bluewater

  • Triple Built Howald process blank construction
  • Inter-core laminate with rigid wrap structure
  • Fuji Corrosion Control, K Frame FazLite guides
  • Fuji DPS-M , DPS-H and PSS reel seats
  • Comfortable tapered grips

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With over 40 years of Australian rod building experience under the belt, the Ugly Stik Bluewater series is synonymous with strength and sensitivity. The new Bluewater series keeps the actions that have made Ugly Stik a house hold name while incorporating new technology that improves dependability and performance where it counts – on the water.

Newly engineered Ugly Stik Howald process featuring Triple Built construction around an internal fiberglass core. Parallel fibers infused with pigmented polyester resin creates a strong yet sensitive rod with better balance that is virtually indestructible.

The latest inter-core laminate is an innovative design process that surrounds the graphite shaft fibers in the outer walls with a rigid-wrap structure.

The new process provides greater stiffness and superior strength through the blank shaft. This creates a better taper from the backbone of the blank to the tip providing extra sensitivity and casting performance.

Fuji FazeLite rings combine long cast performance, durability and the most affordable ring ever pressed into a K-series frame. Fuji FazLite rings have a unique deep blue hue that is braid proof, super tough and smooth as silk, plus they come in the all new CC corrosion control frame. Fuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel. A perfect component for the toughest rods on the water.

Fuji DPS-M , DPS-H and PSS palming reel seats are incorporated across the range.

Finished with comfortable tapered grips with Ugly Stik etched into the EVA and a slick new finish, Ugly Stik Bluewater never looked so good.


USBW-JOH 561H 15kg PE3 30-130g1.65m/5'6"115kgMOverhead$199.99
USBW-JOH 561XH 24kg PE5 150-300g1.65m/5'6"124kgHOverhead$199.99
USBW-JOH 561XXH 37kg PE8 250-450g1.65m/5'6"137kgXHOverhead$219.99
USBW-SU 561H GAME 15-24kg ST/UP RUNNER1.65m/5'6"115-24kgHOverhead$199.99
USBW-JSP 561H 15kg PE3 30-150g1.65m/5'6"115kgMSpin$199.99
USBW-JSP 561XH 24kg PE5 150-300g1.65m/5'6"124kgHSpin$199.99
USBW-JSP 561XXH 37kg PE8 250-450g1.65m/5'6"137kgXHSpin$219.99
USBW-SP 701H 15-24kg 25-120g2.10m/7'0"115-24kgHSpin$219.99
USBW-SP 601H 8-15kg 20-100g1.80m/6'0''18 - 15kgHSpin$189.99
USBW-SP 691MH 6-10kg 14-90g2.05m/6'9"16-10kgMSpin$189.99
USBW-SP 761MH 6-10kg 12-80g2.25m/7'6"16-9.5kgMSpin$189.99
USBW-SP 701H 10-20kg 18-115g2.10m/7'0"110-20kgHSpin$189.99
USBWGB-SP 691MH 8-15kg 20-100g1.92m/6'5''18-15kgMSpin$189.99
USBW-JSP 601XH 15-37kg MAX1500g1.80m/6'0''115-37kgHSpin$189.99
USBW-SP 701M 5-8kg 12-68g2.10m/7'0"15-8kgMSpin$189.99
USBWGB-SP 801M 6-10kg 15-85g2.40m/8'0"16-8.5kgMSpin$189.99
USBW-SP 702MH 6-10kg 12-80g2.10m/7'0"26-10kgMSpin$189.99
USBWGB-SP 1202MH 8-12kg 20-120g3.60m/12'0''28-12kgMSpin$199.99


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