Ugly Stik Balance Combo

  • 5 bearing system spin reel with infinite anti reverse
  • Machined screw-in handle
  • Double anodised ported aluminium spool
  • Integrated Solid tip Ugly Stik rod
  • Specialised tapers for Australian fishing conditions

FROM RRP. $119.99

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The Balance series of Ugly Stik combos has had a serious make over. Not only has the Balance rod had a cosmetic make over with the inclusion of a classic Ugly Stik butt wrap, the Balance spin reel has been upgraded to a sleek new 5 bearing reel with instant anti reverse bearing featuring a machined screw in handle for cranking power and reliability, double anodised spool for strength and corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor.

Ugly never looked so good!


BALANCE 6' SPIN COM6'0" (1.83M)12-5kgL30SZ$119.99
BALANCE 6'6" BOAT COM 6'6" (1.98M)110-12kgH50SZ$129.99
BALANCE 6'6" LT SPINÊ 6'6" (1.98M)23-5kgL20SZ$119.99
BALANCE 6'6" BOAT M 6'6" (1.98M)25-8kgM/H50SZ$139.99
BALANCE 7' BOAT MÊ7'0"(2.13M)18-10kgM/H50SZ$149.99
BALANCE 7' SPIN M7'0" (2.13M)23-5kg40SZ$149.99
BALANCE 8' GPÊ8'0" (2.40M)25-8kgM50SZ$159.99
BALANCE 10' ROCK10'0" (3.00M)26-10kgM/H65SZ$179.99
BALANCE12' BEACH12'0" (3.60M)28-12kgM/H80SZ$189.99
BALANCE 6'0" OVERHEAD6'0" (1.83M)110-15kgHOVERHEAD$169.99


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