Rigging for any fishing requires a few basic skills to get you started.

Knowing how to tie a knot that won’t easily break is a good place to kick off!
We recommend you learn the Universal or Uni Knot as your main knot for terminal tackle. These knots are easy to learn and with a couple of goes following a YouTube tutorial you’ll be a pro in no time.

Next you need to know which rig you’re going to use.

There are two simple rigs we recommend using while bait fishing:

  1. The running sinker rig
  2. The Paternoster rig

They both have slightly different purposes but can also be useful in multiple destinations.

Running Sinker Rig – This rig is useful for when you are fishing in weedy or muddy bottomed places or areas of high current. It allows the sinker to slump into the bottom structure while leaving the bait out and exposed. In areas of current, it will enable the bait to move freely downstream of the sinker, keeping active.

For this rig, try to keep the leader (section of line between the hook and the swivel) no shorter than half a metre. This rig is commonly used by people fishing from the land in both fresh & saltwater scenarios.

Dropper Rig or Paternoster Rig – This rig is used when you need to keep your bait(s) away from the mainline and up off rocky or reefy structure. It’s also the perfect rig if you require two or more hooks!

The Paternoster rig can be tied using your mainline or a heavier leader line. The secret to this rig is tying the dropper or Paternoster loop knot – relatively easy once you get the hang of it! Again, check out the plethora of tutorials on YouTube to get it down pat.

An excellent rig for boat fishing, it can be fished with all sizes of hooks and a large variety of baits. Suited for both fresh & saltwater use.


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