Beaches are unique places to spend time. They provide fun and relaxation for the whole family. Fishing them is easy once you know a few simple things about how they work.

When you first get to the beach to fish, you should look at it through polarized sunglasses. This will help you find where the gutter and depression are and therefore, the deeper water that you need to fish.

All sorts of foraging species and predators can be found in these concentrated ‘gutters’ because it’s where all the outgoing water heads as it runs off the beach.

Tackling up for beach fishing is easy. You’ll need a long rod for reach above the waves and extra casting distance, 9 to 13ft is preferable, with the Ugly Stik Gold range having a number of suitable models. Your line class can be anything from 3kg up to 6kg for these fish species – up to 10kg line class outfits can be used when targeting jewfish, sharks and other large fish.

Rigging is simple. A sinker on the bottom with one or two hooks rigged on a dropper above is what’s known as a ‘Paternoster Rig’ – and perfect for soaking baits off the beach.

Baits can be anything from a peeled prawn tail to a live sandworm. Pippies, mussels and strips of fish fillets also work well. Burley can be directly added to the wash but is challenging to control.

Hook sizes and sinker weights will need to be adjusted depending on the bait type and water conditions respectively.

Fishing on an incoming tide is preferred as the fish will frequently have deeper water to swim in and can get further up the beach into better feeding grounds.

Beaches are one of the most calming places to fish and to be there and listen to the water is enough to make your day. Catching dinner will be a bonus!


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Rigging for any fishing requires a few basic skills to get you started. Knowing how to tie a knot that won’t easily break is a good place to kick off!Fishing structure is always a good idea. It can be any type of structure, from a shopping trolley into the local river