Fishing structure is always a good idea. It can be any type of structure, from a shopping trolley tossed into the local river to a natural rock bar formation that’s hundreds of metres long. Fish are inherently lazy, and because of this, they like their food to come to them – rather than go off to search for it. Like pizza delivery only much wetter!

Both the fish you are targeting and the food they want to eat will be involved in searching out good structure. Both use it for protection and as a place to feed – even the food’s food needs to feed!

From a bream sitting underneath an old, barnacle-encrusted boat hull to a barra looking for mullet in a tree snag, fish of all type love to feed and hide in structure.

This, however, does pose a question to you the angler!? How close do you cast to the structure to catch the fish that are hiding in there?

As close as you can is the answer! This is where practice casting comes into play and making sure your skills are up to the task of fishing such tight cover.

Using your eyes as you stretch for fish is the key to your fishing success and having the right polarized sunglasses will help you do this while also protect your eyes from sun damage and stray fishing tackle.

Fishing structure isn’t always about casting though. If you’re in a scenario fishing around a bridge or jetty, sometimes simply dropping at your feet can put you right in the strike zone!


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Beaches are unique places to spend time. They provide fun and relaxation for the whole family. Fishing them is easy once you know a few simple things about how they work.